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Rules (en)

Artikel 1.1 – Organsisation


The RML Endurance Series is organized by the RML (rFactor Participation is free. Contacts are Christian Lehmann and Daniel Schüch.


By registering to participate in the event, all participants and drivers accept the rules and this have to be followed at all times.


Artikel 1.2 – Information


When simulation is used, it uses rFactor. Each driver must have an original version. To synchronize the simulation, the VMXSync tool is provided. By RFE Weather plugins rFactor is extended by a weather function. This is integrated into the mod and is therefore included with the Sync.


It will be admitted up to 43 teams to the event. A team consists of at least two and a maximum of 5 riders, as well as a team leader, who also can be a driver.


A racegroup can consist of many teams. In a race, A team can borrow drivers from teams of their own racegroup.


Registration begins on 3/24/2014 by 20 clock.

The team manager registers the entire team and provide the following information:

1 Team Principal:

2 Team name:

3 Number:

4 Driver 1:

5 Driver 2:

6 Driver 3 (optional):

7 Driver 4 (optional):

8 Driver 5 (optional):

9 Vehicle:


The names in rFactor are as usual FIRST NAME LAST NAME set

The number of characters of the team name should not exceed 32

Article 1.3 server settings


There are two avalible training server. On the one will be permanently be found dry condition and on the other, Wet.

Server 1:

Name:                  RML ES sunny OFFICIAL


Server 2:

Name:                  RML ES rainy OFFICIAL



Driving aids:

1 Traction Control: 1 (Low)

2 Anti-Lock Breaking: 1 (Low)

3 Stability Control: 0 (Disabled)

4 Auto Shifting: 0 (Disabled)

5 Steering Help: 0 (Disabled)

6 Breaking Help: 0 (Disabled)

7 Auto Clutch: Enabled

8 Invulnerability: Disabled

9 Car Pit Stop: Disabled

10 Opposite Lock: Disabled

11 Spin Recovery: Disabled

12 Toggle AI: Disabled


Chapter 2 SPORTING REGULATIONS Article 2.1 Eligible Vehicles


Mod: Mod EnduRacers

There will be 2 classes: P2 & GTE


P2:  (maximum 16 Teams)

                Acura ARX-01

                Lola B11-83

                Porsche RS Spyder Evo


GTE: (maximum 26 Teams)

                Aston Martin V8 Vantage

                BMW M3 GTR

                Corvette ZR1

                Ferrari 458

                Panoz Abruzzi

                Porsche 997 RSR

                Spyker C8 GT2R

                SRT Viper GTS-R


ARTICLE 2.2 General Conditions

Each participant wears during the event the responsibility for seeing, that all other parties respect the rules in its entirety, with no restrictions and is complying.

Each participant is responsible for ensuring that the technical conditions for its system environment (PC hardware and software, routers, switches, cabling, input and output devices, etc.) meet the requirements of the event to the smooth running.

WLAN should NOT BE USED, by your own interest.

ARTICLE 2.3 General discipline and safety

Direction of driving

It is strictly forbidden his vehicle towards the direction to move. This is solely permitted to remove his car from a dangerous position and thus not to endanger other participants continue.


Shortening the track or cutting is permitted in any case. The Curb is part of the route. There must always be at least two tires on the track to be, otherwise it counts as a cut.

ESC control in official sessions

ESC control in official sessions, principle comes down, to the rule (qualifying and race sessions), the NO ESCAPE-rule application. If a vehicle, for whatever reason outside the square boxes, to a standstill, it is prohibited to hit the escape button!!! Only in the qualifying seassions, the ESC key can be pressed on the pit space, without getting a penalty.During the qualifying  session, the driver or his team, are no longer allowed, after pressing the ESC key outside the square space in the box, to continue the qualification.


Light is allowed to use, only at dusk and through the night!!! When lapping, the headlight flasher are allowed. Excessive use of these, however, can be punished with a penalty.


The use of the chat during qualifying and the race not allowed. Violators will be punished


If a vehicle meets a higher class to a lower class, the faster vehicle must be a way on slower vehicle looking over.

Find a lapping However, instead of in one and the same class, so slower vehicle has the quicker ones by permit within three curves.


Article 2.4 – number & Skins


The Car numbers can be chosen at the registration by the teams, you can pick your number between 2 and 99 (88 cannot be chosen).


The templates will be provided in the Snyc, you are not allowed to change the size of it! Additional Information will be provided at a later stage & can be found here.


Article 2.5 – Qualification


The Qualification will start at 7:45 pm, one team member of each team has to be present – a no show will result in a disqualification.

At 8 pm the qualy will start with a length of 90 min. All 3 classes will be on track at the same time, during your in & outlap be aware of the other drivers on a hotlap.


Article 2.6 – race day, Briefing & warm up


The briefing starts at 2:15 pm (24 Hours race) or 11:15 am (12 hours race). One team member of each team has to be present. After the briefing the warm up will begin and the drivers can join the servers. All drivers must be on the server at 2:45 pm (24 hours race) or 11:45 am (12 hours race) latest (BE ON TIME!), during the warm up driving is permitted.


Article 2.7 – staring procedure


At 2:50 pm / 11:50 am the race weekend will be restarted, do not press „race“! The race control will let the teams know when to leave the box. There is no particular order however at this stage you will need your spotter. The spotter sees in the timing a meter count this indicates the distance to the starting position. The pole position is at the end of sector 2 the remaining positions are within 30 meters each. The margin for your starting position is 15 meters + / - is the car lined up properly you will see a green OK in the timing. When you reached your position please park your car at the right side of the track so other cars can pass.

If a driver passed his starting position you will have to do a full lap and restart the process – the best way is to drive slowly to be on the safe side.


As soon all drivers reached their position the race control will start the formation lap in the chat window. Start your engine and go into the single file, each pole setter of the GTE and GTC class has to hold a distance of 20 sec. to the last car of the class ahead.


After crossing the start/finish line the actual formation lap starts, the race control will give the command “green this lap” which simply indicates that the race will start at the end of this lap. The pole setter has to drive in a moderate speed (between 100 km/h and 120 km/h) the gap to the car ahead should not be more then 2-3 car length.

Overtaking is not permitted. If a car spins of (own mistake) he is allowed to get back on track however is not allowed to take back is old position and has to start the race where he is – he has to make sure getting back on the track is possible by not blocking any other drives!


As soon the drivers reach the starting position (sector 2) the double file formation starts, at this stage ALL DRIVERs have to use the Pit limiter! The pole setter is then allowed to increase the speed at a dedicated area which will be announced during the briefing, at this point the race is green and overtaking is permitted!


Article 2.8 – Restarts


Should a race restart be necessary it is similar to a full course yellow phase in real-life. The restart will be the same as an actual race start. The starting positions will be the same order before the restart of the race, this means lapped cars will between the actual positions!




Article 2.9 – Driver Change


Driver changes are only permitted in the pits, this can be done in the pit menu or via hot swap. Should it be necessary to change the drivers on track (e.g. technical problems) the team has to do a pit stop at the end of the lap.



Article 2.10 – CODE 80 and Rejoin


Should a team have a disconnect or technical problems and have to leave the server you have the possibility to rejoin the race to the rejoin plugin the server.

A team member has to inform the race control, the driver is not allowed to join the server straight away however he can search the server and type in the password however do not! Press join!

The race control will give the order “CODE 80” in team speak and in the rFactor Chat. As soon this code is announced the pit entrance is closed, cars in the pit are allowed to do their stop. Should a team enter the pit during the phase they will be penalized.

All drivers have to reduce the speed to 80 with in time and then use the speed limiter, as soon all cars have reached the speed the driver is allowed to join the server – their will be a lag for all driver as the car will be loaded from the game.

All drivers have to make a change in their multiplayer.ini:


Delay vehicle graphics=”0” the value is normally 1 this has to be changed to 0.


It is recommended to change the value during practice sessions to 1 to avoid unnecessary lags.


Article 2.11 – race end


As soon the time is up on the live timing website and the leader has crossed the finish line the race is over. All drivers have to cross it as well to finish the race, on the live timing side you’ll see the race status and if you have finished the race. All Cars have to drive their cars into the pit.


75% of the race distance (counted from the laps of the overall winner) has to be completed to be counted in the final end result.


Article 2.12 – Information requirements


All participants have to visit regularly the forum to be up to date with any decisions and changes made.


Article 2.13 – Protest


Protest can be announced under the following link any discussions or statement are not welcome!


The post must include:


Involved driver:

Time code / race lap:



Is a protest not complete they will be not followed, the prost has to be done within 24 hours after the server replay has been made public.

The decision of the race control will be made public in the forum.



Article 2.14 – system of penalties




Speeding in the pit lane                                            fastest lap will be deleted

Blocking of another driver                                        fastest lap will be deleted

Cutting                                                                               3 sec Penalty

Disdain of the NO-ESC-Regel                                   DQ

Mismatch                                                                          DQ




Causing a collision                                                         Drive Through Penalty

Speeding in pits                                                              Drive Through Penalty (Plugin will automatically  )

Inobservance of blue fags                                          Drive Through Penalty

Mismatch                                                                          10 sec Stop/Go




The race control reserve the rights to amend the penalty due to the circumstances of the incidents. A time penalty after the race can also be given.


Article 2.15 – final clause


The RML Endurance Series reserve the rights to amend the rules if necessary.


Article 2.16 – Installation of the mod


1.       Create a new rfactor installation (do not use an existing)

2.       Copy the 2 files oft the sync tool VMXsync into the rFactor main folder

3.       Execute VMXsync.exe

4.       All additional updates will be available via the sync.



Artikel 2.17 – Verwendung von Plugins


Hardware Plugins are permitted.

Additional Plugins are not forbidden however we recommend not to use them as they might cause disconnects or similar problems. We are not able to offer any support if plugins are used.


Artikel 2.18 – Punkte


Platz Punkte
1 = 25
2 = 18
3 = 15
4 = 12
5 = 10
6 =  8
7 =  6
8 =  4
9 =  2
10= 1

>10 = 0,5


Artikel 2.19 - Calender


31.05.2014 24h Daytona

05.07.2014 12h Silverstone

16.08.2014 24h Spa Francorchamps

20.09.2014 12h Suzuka

25.10.2014 24h Sao Paulo

29.11.2014 24h Le Mans 


P2 Standings

Pos Team Points
1 Team 1 0
2 Team 2 0
3 Team 3 0
4 Team 4 0
5 Team 5 0

GT2 Standings

Pos Team Points
1 Team 1 0
2 Team 2 0
3 Team 3 0
4 Team 4 0
5 Team 5 0

GTE Standings

Pos Team Points
1 Team 1 0
2 Team 2 0
3 Team 3 0
4 Team 4 0
5 Team 5 0



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